Love Notes by Robbi Renee Collection

KINDRED ~ Xander’s Story

Xander warrior, protector, the defender of people, but the awkward, gangly teenager Xander Kindred contradicted the valor and strength of the Greek name. He coveted a simple life, away from the hustle and madness of the inner city streets. The oldest of the Kindred boys, Xander denied his family’s murderous legacy until an innocent walk home from school quickly transformed Xander from a boy to a man. Forcing Xander to protect his family and territory at all cost – even if it means sacrificing his soul mate, the love of his life

Pretty Shattered Heart

Heart can be defined as the central or innermost part of something. But when that core function is broken, shattered into pieces at the hands of the ones you love most–the distress, suffering, and anguish—can be debilitating.

Pretty Shattered Soul

Trauma left her captivating, sweet soul flawed, distressed, disconnected, and shattered. Savvy and effortlessly beautiful, Syncere James concealed her heartache, finding security and refuge in her career as a successful real estate agent. Navigating her complex layers, will King’s persistence and protection win her love? Or are Syncere’s unreasonable barriers and immeasurable pain too much for King to make her his queen?

The Love Notes Journal

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do. ~Brene Brown